About Our Product

Why Buy Organic?

Watt Export is a leading Australian Exporter with 30 years of experience. Bringing our passion for high quality produce to the organic market, we work closely with our growers and suppliers to provide only the finest quality organic certified fresh produce.


We have a commitment: To bring the best quality fresh produce to our customers as well as doing the best for our environment.  Organic food and farming is an addition tto health, wellbeing and sustainability for mankind and the environment. Supporting organics is our one step forward to fulfilling our commitment to our customers and the planet. 


Organic production emphasises the use of sustainable farming techniques. Unlike conventional farming, organic farming improves the quality of the soil and water, promoting healthier plant and animal life for future generations.


Organic certification requires the use of non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) products. The effects of GMO produce are largely unknown and potentially dangerous.


Watt Export Quality Framework

Watt Export is committed to maintaining a world class quality and food safety program and policy.  We believe this is the key to our success in the agricultural export business.  

Our  industry leading quality assurance program constantly addresses food safety through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from production, procurement and handling, to storage and logistics of the product. We source from our preferred growers and suppliers who share the similar values and business practice. We comply closely with the conduct frameworks of HACCP and ACO (for Organic items). Our operation is constantly being reviewed and audited. All our products pass through multiple stages of quality control and records for traceability so the end user can ensure that all our products come with the “Watt Guarantee”.

We take pride in supplying high quality products that exceed the customers’ expectations. And our commitment to quality and food safety assurance does not stop at the quality and safety level, but extends to the security aspect of the products. We are a “Known Consignor”, which means we are qualified to conduct in-house security declaration for all air cargo consignments. We are also Australian Trusted Trader accredited by Australian Border Force, which means faster customs processing and with priority treatment through green lanes. If a cargo examination is required, we will receive priority processing.