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Who We Are

Exporter of Australia's finest quality fruit and vegetables

Watt Export brings together three generations of Fruit and Vegetable knowledge. Wisdom from the past combined with state-of-the-art current day understanding, Watt Export provides excellence in the Exporting of Fruit and Vegetables all around the world. Our multilingual team has an intricate understanding on all aspects of Fruit and Vegetable Exports. From sourcing the most sought after high quality products, to the intricacies of freight movement and customs clearance, Watt Export guarantees their service.

What we do

Our clientele are respected business's from wholesalers, retailers and food service sectors. We have established market entrances in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai, China, Korea, Japan, etc.. With forty years of exporting experience and our ever-evolving knowledge, we are confident that we will deliver excellent products and services to you, no matter where you are..

"Brothers in Arms. Bob Watt (pictured right) with his brother John in the early 70's at the old Haymarket."

The Watt Promise

Watt Export specialises in finding the best possible solutions to move temperature sensitive fresh produce from farm to anywhere in the world. This is achieved through our trustworthy network of multi-disciplinary services, including farming, logistics, warehousing, and government agencies. Being a Trusted Trader, Watt Export enjoys expedited customs clearance.

Meet Our Team

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Bob Watt

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Dianne Watt

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Matthew Watt

Managing Director
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Adam Watt

General Manager
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Simone Kosinar

General manager
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Rebecca Higlett

Office Administrator
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Holly Yu

Sales Executive